A letter from the Nepali Prsioners
Petitions and proposals from Nepali prisoners

   All treaties are NOT created equally.
   Some allow  the "receiving country" to modify the sentences.  [ USA, Canada, Czech ..]
   Some FORBID the "receiving country" from doing anything [UK refuse repatriation].
   Some allow for small changes to the sentencing [ though few do it ] : Nigeria
    Czech     under construction
    Dutch     under construction
    Germany   under construction
    Nepal     the LACK of an exchange treaty, is the problem !!!!!
    United Kingdom
    United States
If Nepali prisoners are to be returned to Nepal, the treaty must be completed.

You can help by petitioning both the Neplai and Thai governments to include Nepal in this treaty.
The resources and contact information are all provided for your use.

Thailand's Prison Population Statistics

Transfer of prisoners is the international strategy operated on bilateral basis. It recalls the resolution 13 adopted by the 6th United Nation Congress on the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders held in Caracas, Venezuela in 1980. In Thailand, transfer of prisoner as operated in 2 categories that are the transfer of foreign prisoner to serve the remaining sentence term in his country of nationality, and the transfer of prisoner as mutual assistance in criminal matters.

1. Repatriation Transfer of Prisoner
After the resolution of the 16th United nation Congress had been adopted, Thailand began the study on the possibility to operate international prisoner transfer. In 1984, the regislation concerning international prisoner transfer called "The Regislation on Procedure for Cooperation between States in the Execution of Penal Sentence B.E. 2527" has been issued and entered into forced upon publication in the Government Gazette. With stipulated provisions, Thai prisoners in foreign countries are able to be transferred to serve their sentence in the Kingdom, and foreign prisoners in the Kingdom will be able to continue to serve their sentence in their respective countries.

Actually, the idea of prisoner transfer was initiated in 1978 between Thailand and the United States of America. However, the negotiation and administrative process took periods of time. The first treaty of prisoner transfer between Thailand and the United States of America was signed on October 29, 1982 and became effective afterwards.

Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (United Nations 1977)
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